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You can speak to an expert via phone, chat, or live on-screen through one-way video chat (they can’t see you). You can share your TurboTax screen with your expert so they can guide you and answer your questions. Our tax experts are available 7 days a week from 5 AM to 9 PM PT from mid-January through the April 18 filing deadline.From mid-April through early January, they’re available Monday-Friday from 5 AM through 5 PM PT. Tax experts are available year-round for questions and tax advice, but you may not be connected with the specific tax expert who prepared your tax return. We use information about your tax situation to match you with an expert who has experience with taxes like yours.

turbotax login

When you access Live Help, you’ll enter some information about your question. This will help us direct you to the right expert to answer your question. The time it takes to prepare your return depends on the complexity of your taxes, your availability, seasonal peak days for tax preparation, and how busy our experts are. Our goal is to get your taxes done with as little waiting as possible. When you’re ready to start, we’re ready to take taxes off your plate. We do our best to match you with the right expert based on the nature of your question.

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If at any time you want to be matched to a new expert, you can inform your current expert and they’ll help you get reassigned. Our software will allow you to securely upload your tax documents to our system. You can give permission through the software to share your tax documents with your tax expert. You may be able to import them directly from your employer or your financial institutions, or you can snap photos of the documents and upload them to TurboTax. We use bank-level encryption technology to ensure your information is protected. You can have your refund directly deposited into a free to open checking account with Credit Karma Money™.

  • Find the answers you’re looking for on TurboTax Communitywith experts and community members.
  • They can handle all kinds of tax situations, from simple to complex.
  • TurboTax works hard to safeguard your information soyou can file your taxes confidently.
  • You can discuss your questions over the phone, via live chat, or via one-way video on your screen.
  • Your personal information (like SSN) will be masked so the expert can’t see it.
  • See when your return is accepted and when you can expect your refund.

Yes, if you choose a one-way video with your tax expert, you’ll be able to see them on your screen. TurboTax calculations are 100% accurate so your taxes will be done right, guaranteed, or we’ll pay you any IRS penalties. Your tax return is securely submitted directly to the CRA with just one click.

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To complete the request, you’ll need a high-quality image of your proof of identification, such as a driver’s license or state ID. To speed up the process, we recommend turbotax login scanning the QR code with your mobile phone to capture a picture of the front and back of your ID. Or, you can manually upload photos of the front and back of your ID.

turbotax login

When you’re done preparing your taxes, you can get a tax expert to review your return to make sure it’s correct.When you’re satisfied and ready to file, simply pay and e-file or print your tax return. It starts with a welcome call with a tax prep assistant to gather and upload your documents, and then you’ll be connected to your Live Full Service tax expert. You can speak to your tax expert on the phone or through a live one-way video call on your screen (you can see your tax expert, but they can’t see you). Your tax expert will ask you questions and provide advice as they prepare your return and get ready to file on your behalf. You can also communicate with your tax expert via the messaging center as needed.

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