How to Use SEO to Build Long-Term Brand Recognition and Visibility


The above KPIs can help you show your progress, but it requires the right methods and data tracking. To help you get started, consider the following SEO tactics to build brand visibility.

1) Build topical authority around topics important for your brand values

Even though SEO should ideally focus on high purchase intent and BOFU keywords to initially drive conversions, you’ll still need to scale out SEO over time. This process often involves expanding on topics that establish your brand as a subject matter expert and help build topical authority in your industry, as well as across your entire website.

For example, a CRM software company shouldn’t just focus its content on customer data and relationship-building. This company may also want to write about topics that include the relationship between analytics and GDPR as this connection impacts how companies are allowed to process and store customer data.

While GDPR isn’t exactly the core product they’re selling, it provides their future customers with insightful information that can help them maximize their use of the CRM software while also maintaining GDPR compliance.

A CRM company may want to target GDPR-related keywords, such as in the image below. In fact, HubSpot (listed in the top SERPs as the 3rd ranking page under “SERP Analysis”) is a CRM itself, so it’s a clearly associated topic for CRM companies.


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