37 Ways to Stay Sober During the Holidays

This has led some to have rusty social skills and a quieter existence. This year may lead to a sense of obligation to resume past large holiday traditions, while some may truly prefer to attend smaller, more intimate social events. Given that the pandemic has been connected to an increase in drinking and https://ecosoberhouse.com/article/best-alcohol-abuse-recovery-diet/ substance use across the country, people may be using more heavily this season. Additionally, there has also been an abrupt increase in mental health issues and other life stressors that could lead some to self-medicate. Traveling may also be more pressured for some and may also be avoided by others.

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  • Here are seven tried-and-true tips and strategies that will prepare you for the holidays, help you avoid relapse and protect you from any uncomfortable situations.
  • Prioritizing your well-being and making decisions that align with your recovery journey are vital steps in ensuring a successful and fulfilling holiday season in sobriety.
  • Taking time to meditate, get some exercise, practice a favorite hobby, or even just catch your breath can go a long way.

But it’s important to let them know what you need to feel comfortable during the holidays. Start planning your strategy now, with these #soberholidays tips from The Recovery Book and the workbook companion My Life in Recovery. CATCH Recovery is curating a series of retreats for people in recovery so they can be guided and helped to find the right sober holiday for them.

Tips for a Sober Holiday

Feelings of loneliness can be triggering for people in recovery, even if they have a solid social support system. Holiday parties often include alcohol and can be tricky to navigate for people who are in any stage of the recovery process. Many of the biggest holidays in the U.S. — Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve — take place relatively close together, bringing people together often to celebrate. Maintaining sobriety during the holidays, and sticking to your treatment plan, is possible. New Life Portugal is also a destination to learn about meditation which is a recommended and powerful healing tool of recovery. Planning a holiday in advance ensures you travel to safe places with safe people and are supported around anything that might trigger a relapse or emotional disturbance.

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When stress comes knocking you may find it much easier to separate yourself from your thoughts, and not react. Investing time in recovering from a hard few weeks at work or the daily grind is what makes you more resilient to stress in the long term – not beer! Explore alcohol-free alternativesThere are lots of good alcohol-free beers now, as well as booze-free spirits and aperitifs, such as Seedlip or Ghia. This underlines the importance of having a plan to maintain sobriety.

Attend Local Holiday Celebrations

Drinking, or using drugs, can be a pastime that’s taken for granted among friends and family. But it can alienate people who are sober, and that sense of isolation can become another trigger. Even with the best communication, setting boundaries with family can still be challenging.

  • Being the designated driver allows you to be in control of the party’s transportation and avoid any temptations related to alcohol (or drugs for that matter).
  • You can experiment with new, alcohol-free recipes and create your own signature mocktails.
  • Get a hot cider, take in the atmosphere, the lights, the music, and remind yourself of the joys of the winter season.
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  • The best way to get through a sober holiday season, or any other holiday, is to take time to look after your own needs.
  • This time of year, there are countless opportunities to harbor, nurture, and rehearse them in our minds.

Generally, holidays are viewed as time away from the routine of everyday life, having fun with those closest to us, and returning home rejuvenated. However, the organising of a holiday and the period leading up to going away can be stressful. Embracing a sober holiday brings significant benefits, including heightened mental clarity and strengthened bonds with family and friends. Choosing to celebrate in this way enriches the experience for everyone involved, fostering deeper connections and meaningful moments.

Identify And Avoid Personal Triggers

It is also a fun night for many adults, who may celebrate by throwing a party that involves drinking alcohol or using drugs. However, not everyone who experiences sadness or depression has a mental health condition, and these feelings can act as a trigger. The stress of finding the perfect gift, or budgeting for gifts, can be a trigger for people in recovery, as stress in general is a common relapse trigger.

Attending support group meetings, making outreach calls, and participating in continuing care programs are invaluable steps in bolstering your sobriety journey during the holidays. These efforts help boost your morale and keep you closely connected with your recovery community. Through mutual accountability and encouragement, you’ll find the strength and resilience to navigate the challenges of the festive season, ensuring a fulfilling and sober holiday experience.

Want to stay sober? Stay helpful

Getting through the holidays sober can be a challenge, particularly for people in early addiction recovery. Here are some tips and resources for sober holidays preventing or responding to addiction relapse during the holiday season. If everyone starts talking about the “good old days,” leave the room.

Green Co. Sheriff’s Office reminds drivers to stay sober ahead of holidays – WKOW

Green Co. Sheriff’s Office reminds drivers to stay sober ahead of holidays.

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